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Surveillance for Business & Home

Security Cameras, CCTV Systems and Installation

Shops, franchises, restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, clubs, health clubs, gyms, leisure centres and parks, theatres, stadiums, petrol stations and any other retail business that is concerned about security should consider a surveillance system.

Installing a surveillance system should be at the core of any business plan to ensure that you improve the profitability of your retail outlay, reduce shrinkage, improve staff security and at the same time provide even better service to your customers.

IP camera surveillance technology can be a very cost-effective solution by using existing IT network infrastructure and storage, and often requires minimal IT knowledge. An IP camera solution is designed to be easy to install.

Take look at some of the key areas a surveillance system can help with the aforementioned areas of a retail business.

Loss prevention

  • Reduce shrinkage with network video
  • Detect cashier-related shrink with POS integration
  • Prevent shop-lifting and theft

Monitor store performance

  • Understand customer behaviour
  • Staff behaviour
  • Safety and security
  • Improve store security
  • Protect staff and assets
  • Enhance surveillance efficiency with intelligent video

Customer experience

  • Provide a safe environment
  • Make shopping easy


As previously mentioned, deploying an IP camera solution is a huge benefit for a retail business and the gains involved far outweigh the initial outlay for the equipment. During this article we have referred to IP cameras due to their versatility and diverse range to suit all requirements.