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Local Enterprise Supported by Concept Infotech to make a Building more secure!

Local Enterprise Supported by Concept Infotech to make a Building more secure!

A local Community Enterprise Centre run by a Social Enterprise in Derby, housing various rooms for hire, a Community Cafe and a Neighbourhood Nursery, recently required urgent assistance to protect the buildings main entrance following a recent incident.

A call was made to Concept Infotech and Paul discussed the requirement for the situation and location. It was decided to fit a remote CCTV camera internally in the entrance hall that would both take pictures when movement was detected and also record to an offsite back up that additionally could be viewed remotely from any offsite locations via a Smartphone App

Paul made a site visit within 24 hours to install the camera, set up the technical connections and ensured the premises were secured via the installation

Since the installation there has been no repeat of the earlier incident, staff and regular building users, especially parents for the Neighbourhood Nursery say that they feel more secure and safe because of the visibility and function of the CCTV camera Installation

A small investment has brought a lot of security to the building!

Simon Paley, a Director at The Community Enterprise Centre said :

"We were really pleased with how Paul dealt with our requirements, correctly analysing the situation and recommending the right equipment to solve our problem. Not only that, but we were bowled over by his prompt response, professionalism and customer service. Many thanks Paul for the great job!"